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Comic 467 - Explaining Ferahgo

The Gauntlet

Comic 467 - Explaining Ferahgo

That was actually somewhat planned, Jipples being forgetful like that. It's one of the many character traits that Josh wanted me to implement in Jipples that I never got around to. ...Really, I swear, I'm not just covering plotholes...

March 2, 2009

Comic 467 is up, still in the den. ...I realized today that in my rush last night, I forgot to actually name the new storyline... So, there you are, a new storyline arc, and at some point soon, yesterday's strip will be edited to be part of it as well. As promised yesterday, I'll mention that I'm now writing in a spiffy new Comic Editor v2.1 written by Matt, which replaces the old three page update system and seems to be quick as a wink, compared to the other one, which seemed to freeze Firefox on a regular basis. Matt has also entirely rewritten the archive system to be organized by storyline now, and it's quite easy to navigate through. Let's hear a round of applause for Matt, everyone!

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