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Comic 472 - A Sudden Injury

The Gauntlet

Comic 472 - A Sudden Injury

Hopefully this clue is at least slightly more cryptic than the last one.

March 7, 2009

Comic 472 is up, Ace is down... That guy seems to get the most bloody injuries in the group, doesn't he? No real news for the site today, other than me having to go back into Gremlins 2 yet again for more screenshots. On the plus side, I discovered yet more poses to add to P.G.'s sprite sheet. One thing that's taking up a lot of my time now is that I'll be DM'ing a game in the #sydlexia chatroom, and I've come under a deluge of questions from every side about the game. Plenty of folks who are playing are doing so for the first time, so there's lots of folks to explain the basics to.

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