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Comic 491 - The Path to Veros

The Gauntlet

Comic 491 - The Path to Veros

...Looking at it again now, I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking while writing the dialogue, or if I was even thinking at all....

March 26, 2009

Comic 491 is up, moving on through Castlevania II. Well, I dunno if anyone else remembers 100 comics ago, but at that point, I said that each 100 strips after 291 would be Talk About Matt and How Awesome He Is For Hosting the Comic and the Forums Day. ...Though, since we had the news page hiccup, I don't actually remember if we had the forums the last time this happened. So, everyone remind Matt how awesome he is, and thank him for keeping the forums up and running for no pay whatsoever. :D

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