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Comic 492 - Error: Title Not Found

The Gauntlet

Comic 492 - Error: Title Not Found

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March 27, 2009

Comic 492 is up, yet not... I did actually have the backgrounds and characters all set, but I got completely stumped on the dialogue. I just couldn't write anything good, the whole premise was just plain bad. And I didn't really even want to address the jumping situation yet, but I knew I couldn't leave it up in the air for too much longer. I did plan to address it soon, the comments in the forums just... expedited it. Hopefully this explanation isn't too deus ex machina-y, and hopefully it doesn't ruin P.G.'s character too much. Honestly, I was gonna find a way for him to jump sooner or later... Too many platforming games exist on the NES for him to always borrow a balloon from Jipples.)

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