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Comic 498 - New Item, New Face

The Gauntlet

Comic 498 - New Item, New Face

I know what you're thinking, another character? Don't worry, I have plans for the team...

April 2, 2009

Comic 498 is up, who might this guy be? As I mentioned above, I have plans for the team. Any new Game Destroyers that get added now won't be main characters, they'll be minor characters, at best. But, as Ferahgo said, they need to find lots more unprogrammed sprites to fight in the army, so we'll be meeting a number more people. I've had an open casting call among folks I know for a while now, and managed to scrounge up a few to add during this storyline. More will be coming later, of course. As for who this is... well, I'd say it now, but I honestly don't remember his last name...

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