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Comic 499 - Forceful Silence

The Gauntlet

Comic 499 - Forceful Silence

The first panel started off as the fourth, but didn't feel like a punchline, so I switched it around.

April 3, 2009

Comic 499 is up, Samus has entered the game. Well, I entirely forgot to find out the last name of the guy today, didn't even occur to me until around an hour ago... But, apparently Matt has ESP... he showed up not a half an hour ago and gave me the guy's last name. Then, not too long ago, I realized, he may not want me blabbing his full name across the internets... The guy behind... well, the still unnamed new character... is Jeremy. Of course, this only matters to the few people who read the comic that also happen to go to my college and know the guy...

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