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Comic 506 - P.G.'s Rude Awakening

The Gauntlet

Comic 506 - P.G.'s Rude Awakening

I'm sure he'll remember it sooner or later, I just can't resist the cheap jokes like this.

April 10, 2009

Comic 506 is up, P.G. is finally awake. Still up to my neck in homework, but I got some things done. Should've mentioned this yesterday, but Matt got the pips for the forum up. However, since he still hasn't chosen a character for himself, he's currently without one... And since there are no moderators, global or otherwise, besides he and I, of the 7 pips I made, only two are actually in use right now, Forum Member and Comic Author. ...Though, it's probably a good thing that we haven't needed the "Banned Member" pip yet.

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