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Comic 513 - Moving On Through Fire 'N Ice

The Gauntlet

Comic 513 - Moving On Through Fire 'N Ice

I figured it'd be okay to end a hiatus with a slight recap.

April 28, 2009

Comic 524 is up, Fire 'N Ice is going by pretty quickly. So, welcome back! As they say, that little "vacation" was both too long and too short. In case you missed them, I uploaded a couple new old comics, namely:

Comic 18!
Comic 19!
Comic 20!
Comic 21!

And I even *gasps* updated the cast pages! Check em out, both the Game Destroyers and the Minor Characters have been updated. More to come soon, Sparkles and Cedris still have to be added, and there's 9 more new old comics to go before the new beginning is finished. But at least I'm done with school and finally have time to work on this stuff again! Woo!

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