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Comic 517 - Admittedly Unusual Color Design

The Gauntlet

Comic 517 - Admittedly Unusual Color Design

I purposefully left the questions in panels 1 and 3 unanswered, as I have no answers to give.

May 22, 2009

Comic 528 is up, that's all for Fire N' Ice. In another sudden burst of spriting, I finished comics 28-30! This means that... drumroll, please... The new beginning is complete! So, without further ado, the links...

Comic 28!
Comic 29!
Comic 30!

This is exciting for me, completing the new beginning really does mark a new beginning for the site. At whatever point Matt is around, I'll be working with him to bring the new beginning over to this site, phasing out the old beginning entirely. And as time goes on, I'll work through the archives until all the old strips have been revamped up to the larger panel size. But don't worry, from here on out, the old comics are only getting a size increase and minor tweaks to the dialogue, everything else is staying the same.

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