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Comic 523 - Another New Face, Already?

The Gauntlet

Comic 523 - Another New Face, Already?

Yet another new character, though this one has more of a purpose... What that purpose is, you'll see over the next few days.

May 28, 2009

Comic 534 is up, with one last new character for this storyline. He should make for an interesting addition to the team, something that they've lacked so far. Matt's doing a lot of changes today, but many of them won't be seen by anyone but us. The big change is that the old Back/Next/First/Previous button thingy is gone, replaced by the ones that SevereFlame made. Other stuff will be coming in the next few days as he tinkers with the code, so there may be down times for the site. The forums should remain up throughout any changes, though. See you tomorrow.

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