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Comic 527 - Goodbye, Gradius

The Gauntlet

Comic 527 - Goodbye, Gradius

Oh my...

June 1, 2009

Comic 538 is up, things don't look good... I'm lazy tonight, so I'll just copy and paste this for anyone who didn't catch it yesterday...

I've been trying to get the comic's status fixed over at the Web Comic List for a while now, but nothing has been happening... I think it's because they relate my account to my old email address, which I signed up for the site with, but that account got deleted... and their site has no place for me to change my email. You readers can help me out, send an email to and yell at them, tell them to fix this comic's status on their site. Mention that the comic has had "Pattern not matching" status for months now, and that it should be fixed to check for the daily updates which are now happening again. I used to get a bunch of traffic through their site, but apparently that traffic only comes in when they think I'm updating, and I could really use that traffic again! Many thanks to anyone who does this, see you folks tomorrow.

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