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Comic 529 - Just Barely Survived

The Gauntlet

Comic 529 - Just Barely Survived

Which army game will it be? What does the last clue lead to? When will I stop dragging this storyline out?

June 3, 2009

Comic 540 is up, they live! ...As if anyone is surprised. I vaguely considered killing one of them off, but it wouldn't have felt right killing off the new guys so quickly, or killing off three of the important characters. No other news today, though I am working on the rest of the Cast page updates, Cedris, Scout, Fizzle, and Alden all need to be added still. Generally, though, I like to wait a bit to add a character to the Cast page, so that we know a little bit about them beyond what game they're from. I think I'll have to rename the "Main Characters" page to "Game Destroyers", though, since we can't very well have 12 main characters.

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