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Comic 561 - A Surprisingly Full Box

Ambush At The Mansion

Comic 561 - A Surprisingly Full Box

Take a wild guess who else is in that box...

July 5, 2009

Comic 572 is up, though I'm not very happy with it. Writer's block sucks... And the reverse of writer's block is no picnic, either. I spent a long time staring at the backgrounds today, not having a clue what to write tonight... After a while, I finally wrote out what I wanted the characters to say to finish up this box section... and it ended up being long enough to cover the next three strips. Here I promised you we'd only spend one more strip at these boxes, I didn't want to spend another three strips here. I scrunched the text together a lot and cut a little of it down I think that's fairly obvious with Kaid's dialogue tonight) so that we can finally move on.

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