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Comic 570 - A Sprite Army... With Guns

War At The Mansion

Comic 570 - A Sprite Army... With Guns

Nothing sells that like the Goombas with rifles clenched in what I'm assuming are their jaws.

July 14, 2009

Comic 581 is up, with a fully armed army! After working with about 3 or 4 different army games, I came to a realization... Most games use a little black design for their guns, sometimes not more than a 2 pixel line in whatever direction. Those games tend to have bright backgrounds and character sprites with no black borders. All the Castlevania creatures... do have black borders. A little black gun does not show up at all when thrown into that mess of sprites... But damn, do I like the look of it on those Goombas. ...And yes, this would be why tonight's comic is three hours late, as opposed to the usual one.

NES Controller, Image Map
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