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Comic 574 - Off to Their Posts

War At The Mansion

Comic 574 - Off to Their Posts

There's a reason today's comic is divided up the way it is, and I'm pretty sure you can guess it.

July 18, 2009

Comic 585 is up, or... at least, will be up eventually. Around 2 AM, I realized I screwed up and put the wrong backgrounds in panels 2 and 3... after I had already put characters in them. So, now I get to go back in, change the backgrounds, and put the characters back in again. At whatever point I finish it, I'll change the comic in the ftp server and put the actual comic in place of Dancin' Spiffy up there. ...Hence why the title and comment are what they'll actually be once the real comic is in place, because I can't access that on my own.

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