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Comic 580 - The Adventures of Bojangles


Comic 580 - The Adventures of Bojangles

This was made by UsaSatsui, hopefully the joke is self explanatory.

July 24, 2009

Comic 591 is up, though annoyingly enough, it's just a filler. Today is still Celebrate Matt's Awesomeness Day, though, as this is technically comic 591, and Matt's day is always every x91th comic. The thread from the last day is still there hardly seems like 100 days has passed already, eh? so if you want, you can say something in there, particularly about the nifty new script he wrote for the late update notice, which works like a charm. As for why it's a filler... my laptop monitor decided to crap out on me after about two hours of work on tonight's comic. Fortunately, should this laptop crap out on me entirely, I do have everything backed up, but it's still bothersome to lose an entire night's work.

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