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Comic 586 - Dr. Jeebus Begins to Talk

War At The Mansion

Comic 586 - Dr. Jeebus Begins to Talk

You didn't think I'd leave Douche to be easily slaughtered by Jipples, did you?

July 30, 2009

Comic 597 is up, with a ton of text crammed in the third panel... There was a slight hiccup in the code today, Matt's tinkering with a new comic updater, and comic 596 disappeared for a little while, but it's back up now. Assuming this reaches the news blurb, the code is back to normal.

It was a simple and stupid mistake I made while coding the new editor page: instead of putting a < symbol to make the engine run the proper way, I typed a > symbol. And since the code automatically tries to delete the item in question before creating the new comic image to keep the comic database folder neat, clean and organized it deleted the old comic instead of trying to delete anything named as the new one. As far as I know right now, everything is fixed, and will work as planned for tomorrow's update. Cross your fingers!


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