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Comic 775 - Up is... Where, Again?

Minor Home Improvements

Comic 775 - Up is... Where, Again?

Forced perspective can be fun. If you can't see the upside down boxes, try standing on your head.

February 27, 2011

Comic 786 is up, more fun to be had in P.G.'s room. Q*Bert itself doesn't really play with the perspectives it has enough, sure it has the enemies on the sides of the blocks, but there's a lot more to play with there. Unfortunately, since rotating sprites to any degree not divisible by 90 makes them look like ass, these are the only perspectives we'll be playing with as well. If you look at it from the right angles, though, you can still see a lot of other possible "tops" for all the boxes. ...Course, which way up is doesn't really make any difference on anything, but it's still fun.

NES Controller, Image Map
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