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Comic 780 - Biggering Fig's Room

Minor Home Improvements

Comic 780 - Biggering Fig's Room

Bit cold of Jipples to suddenly make that decision, but we'll see what comes of it soon.

March 14, 2011

Comic 791 is up, Fig's room is certainly bigger... though much emptier now. Been a /very/ long time since the last one, but every x91st comic is Matt Appreciation Day! Or, since we're on a looser update schedule now, Matt Appreciation Days! For anyone that's new around here, strip 291 was the first strip hosted on Matt's server, so we like to take some time and heap a bunch of praise on Matt for keeping the server up and running, doing so many awesome things with it, and doing all of the above entirely for free. Yay, Matt! You're awesome, man.

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