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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions / Beginning of the Comic

What made you think of this comic idea in the first place, and what made you decide on a sprite comic?

Well, in the first place, the comic idea was quite different than it is now. Back then, it was just something to do for the hell of it, there was no pretense of an overarching plot or thought to what the future of the comic would be. Going through NES games and blowing them up (along with meeting the characters based on my friends) was enough at the time. As for why I chose to go with a sprite comic, that's simple. Bob and George. Hell, throw Bob and George into the "What inspired you to start the comic" category, too. I started reading that in 2004, and immediately fell into the cliche'd "I wanna do that, too!" mentality. ...At least I got better over time. Also, I've been playing NES games literally all my life, my earliest memories are of playing Super Mario Bros. with my sister, and skipping a nap to watch my baby sitter defeat Ganon in the first Legend of Zelda. I was born and raised on Nintendo, if you will.

When did you start making the comic, and what exactly is the history of the comic?

I began the comic in April of 2004, and updated in large batches very sporadically. Around comic 60, the website Screw These Comics, well... screwed my comic. Check it out there if you like, though it's... not exactly flattering. Despite the screw, I continued on, though I didn't continue on for very long... I only made it up to strip 98 before stopping for four months. The random updates continued for a few months, bringing me up to 106, then 136, then... 140. Nine months passed before I picked the comic up again, but I didn't stay with it for very long, only making it up to 157. After that... there was a three year, three month period where absolutely nothing happened with the comic. (Hey, at least I kept my storyboard papers all that time!) In the space of 4 days at the end of January 2008, strips 158 to 188 were created. February through June brought something close to regular updates, bringing it up to 248. July only brought us up to 257, the Tetris arc, but that was the last of the random updates. August 10th, strip 259, was the mark of the site-wide revamp and my bringing the site to the rest of the internet and into daily updates. August 29th, strip 279, brought us the larger comic size, 800x800 pixels. Also worth mentioning is November 20th, the first appearance of The Adventures of Steve & Sammich. I've been updating daily ever since August, and I haven't looked back since. ...Oh wait, yes I have, December of 2007 is when I decided to revamp the first 28 comics. Strips 32-49 and 52-75 soon followed, finishing the first comic revamp. After that, in October of 2008, is when the re-revamping began, starting with the entirely new beginning (comics 1-30), but continuing on through... well, every comic that isn't in the larger size. I swear they'll happen. ...Eventually. ...Someday.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Uhmm... You mean, in general, on a day to day basis, or what...? Ooh, right, this is where I get asked questions and answer them, not the other way around... I guess I got a lot of inspiration from Kid Radd, and I do my best to not mimic Dan Miller's work. There's obvious similarities, though, sprites holding more power than they realize, video game worlds, going in and out of video games, but I do try not to rip him off entirely. The character inspiration is a far easier question to answer, since each and every Game Destroyer is based (often loosely) on a person I know well either in real life or online. Typically, the better I know a person, the easier it is for me to find their "voice" while I'm writing, so each character grows on their own, rather than just sounding like multiple extensions of myself. ...And yes, that means that Spiffy is based on a real person. Scary thought, no?

How do you make your strips, and how long does it usually take you?

Take a look at my sketchbook and see for yourself.

What's up with all the revamps and the new beginning?

Simple, when I first started as a sprite artist, I really sucked. As a result of this, the first couple of storylines really sucked as well. They had two toned backgrounds, the dialogue and jokes sucked, they just needed to go. I initially revamped the first 75 comics, changing them for the better, but a lot of the dialogue was left alone, and the beginning still sucked. This led to the re-revamping, creating an entirely new beginning in the first 30 strips, which created a much better premise for the entire comic. If you want to see either the very original 75 strips or the first revision versions of strips 1-30... well, you're just outta luck. They're not anywhere on the internet, or even on my own hard drive. ...Yes, that's how bad they were, not even the author wanted to keep them around.

Other Comic-y Type Questions

Is there any long term plan/script for the comic, or are you making everything up as you go?

A little from column A, a lot from column B. In general, I do have a sort of long term plan for the comic. I usually know where I want to be when we get to, say, Point D. Points A, B, and C... now, those are the parts that typically get made up on the fly. Day to day dialogue and events are almost never planned in advance. Stuff like what game will be visited next and how the cast will change in the near future gets decided well in advance. ...Usually.

What's up with the speech boxes? There's no arrows telling me who's saying what, it's entirely unreadable!

...Okay, that's not so much a question as it is a criticism. But I suppose that if all you look at is the latest few comics, I can see why you'd say something like that. If you start at the beginning and read through, you'll see that each character has a unique combination of font color, background color, and font style. If you're still confused, go check out the Cast page, everyone says something in their own font there.

Have you ever received a Cease and Desist order from any game companies?

Thanks to some kind of laws, either Fair Use or parody laws or something like that, no, thankfully, I have not. I can go ahead and use just about any NES sprite or background I want, just so long as I'm not actually selling them or claiming them as my own. Which I never have, of course. ...Thinking on which, I should get around to updating the copyright line, I think there's a few companies I need to add still.

How seriously do you take updating this comic?

Completely seriously! ...Okay, so maybe I've been known to... miss an update every now and again. Sometimes, it is due to things coming up in real life, like schoolwork, relatives, or whatever else, or due to writer's block/lack of any clue at all what the dialogue should be... But, more often than not, it is just abject laziness on my part. I do try my best to stick to it, when I can... it just doesn't always happen. Should I decide to go on hiatus, or switch to a non-daily schedule (ha, like it is daily even now), I'll definitely let everyone know.

What's the deal with Steve and Sammich?

Remember earlier, how I mentioned that Spiffy is based on a real person? Well, Steve and Sammich is something actually created by that guy. Basically, they were filler strips that were written and put together by him, hence their... entirely random nature. It was going to be the official filler comic, but when he moved and didn't have computer access anymore, that idea went out the window. If he ever gets computer access on a regular basis again, you can bet that you'll see more of the Adventures of Steve and Sammich.

How could someone become an inspiration for a Game Destroyer?

Well... Get to know me. Or rather, hang around me long enough that I get to know you, and like you well enough to make a character out of you. Asking me to make a character out of you or trying to bargain your way into it will never work, though, so don't even bother trying. The better I know somebody, the easier it is for me to find a "voice" for their character and write for them, as mentioned above. However... I do reserve the right to do basically anything with your character that I want (within reason... generally), including (but not limited to) putting them in silly situations, having them be lost or stranded, having them be the butt of numerous jokes, or killing them off whenever I deem it necessary (or whenever it's most dramatic and/or comedic).

Taking any applications?

Always! A bigger army of Game Destroyers is always better! I can't give away Main Character positions anymore, but you'll at least get featured in your own game of choice, and you'll... probably show up randomly after that. Since nothing's ever planned, I can't honestly say how often any new characters will get featured. Again, though, I'll contact the people I want as characters, but letting me know you're interested is a good place to start.

Have you received any fanart?

...Never have, actually. But I have gotten fan comics! Go check them out over at the new Extras page!

Would you ever make merchandise if the comic became a large enough hit?

Absolutely! ...Well, in so far as I'd be allowed to, not owning the rights to... well, any of the sprites. I could sell stuff with just the Game Destroyers name on it, or if we ever get supported by someone with artistic talent, they could draw the characters and we could stick that on sellable stuff. ...But, of course, that's still a long way off.

Who is that handsome spider-mech? ...And who were those other mooks with him?

...Well, I wonder who this question came from. Well, mysterious question asker, that was Valdronius, one of the writers at Syd Lexia. He was a part of the Syd Lexian cameo during the war, along with Syd Lexia, Dr. Jeebus, Spanky McCracken, and Douche McCallister. ...Yes, Douche. ...I didn't come up with the name. Each of those guys is either a writer or a forum moderator at Syd Lexia, I've gotten to know (...most) of them pretty well. While the dead members of this group will stay dead, Vald and Syd will definitely be seen again in the future... Even if it is only in filler comics. (Which it may well be).

Silly questions

Which character is most likely to wear a cowboy hat?

That's easy. Spiffy. Probably Zippy, too, and maybe Fig, if you cut some ear holes in the hat.

How much do each of the characters weigh?

...Why would you want to know that? I don't have a clue, though P.G. has always looked a little on the chubby side to me...

What happened to Spiffy's salt shaker?

Never you mind.

Where is the treasure map buried?

What? Who told you about that? Er, I mean, uh... Sorry, no idea what you're talking about.

What's your favorite brand of dental floss?

Okay, this is just getting silly now. No more questions.

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